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Hours of Worship

Sunday School 10am (All Ages)

Worship 11am (November, Bro. David Gould - December, Bro. Victor Creasy)

Sunday 5pm-6pm - Prayer Room

Wednesday Night 5:30 pm in White House - High-school, college, and post-college young adults - Contact Dustin or Anna Stewart for more information. 


YOUTH NEWS: Angel Tree Shopping Trip December 3rd after Christmas Play Practice 


On Air: WQKR 8:30-9:00 am - 101.7 FM or 1270AM - online at WQKR 101.7FM / 1270AM (

*The radio program is different than what you will hear in SS and Worship :) So listen while you get ready to join us in person.


Sunday Worship 11/12/2023 (Click link) Video 2 Sermon -  (First Video had sound trouble)


1344 Brandy Hollow Rd., Portland TN 37148




Ladies Lunch






Candlelight Christmas Eve Service Dec. 24th at 10am - No Sunday School and no Prayer Room that evening. Enjoy time with your family.


Christmas Eve Service



Prayer Room

Prayer Room